Commercial Illustration

These are examples of my commercial illustration and graphic design. The first pieces are digital graphics – vector images built in Adobe Illustrator (CS4) – done as exercises for a course in digital graphics at Box Hill Institute, in Melbourne (2009-10).

This is a still from one of my motion graphics pieces – a promo for the art department – not vector images, obviously.

These are mock-ups for a DVD interface.

These are illustrations on Styrofoam for a pasta restaurant in an outer suburban shopping mall from the late 90s. I did various pictorial and painted finishes jobs for architects and interior designers around then. It was right at the end of the painted finishes craze.

Below are details of cycloramas done for a subterranean boat ride in the Seal Rocks tourist centre, on Phillip Island, sometime in the mid-90s, when I earned my living as a scenic artist, mostly doing backdrops and set finishing for TV and film.

Below is a double page illustration in Australian Playboy for a story covering the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament from 1989, which if nothing else shows how easily my coloured pencil style of that time accommodated routine assignments. The art director liked it and offered me more work if I would deal outside my agency and negotiate commissions directly. There was no guarantee more work would come my way through that and it would cut me out of other possible agency offers, so I declined. Not much more came my way via the agency anyway and it was clear the commercial illustration world was just another nest of vipers.