Published reviews of my work are very rare. I include a brief bibliography at the bottom of the page. Instead I want to mainly link to my own critical writing.

I began writing art criticism for the web in 2006 following my doctoral studies in art history and to some extent as compensation for not having a studio and being able to engage fully with my own art. I have two sites for criticism that concentrate on overseas art, usually U.S. European and British centres (to avoid too much of a conflict of interest). I use the tag CAP (an acronym for CurrentArtPics) for most overseas publications. This is something that was urged upon me when I began blogging in 2006, and has just hung around to become a sort of brand. But I’m happy to acknowledge that CAP is Gerry Bell.

Current Art Pics – (2006-8) 100 brief profiles (800w average) of individual artist’s styles, with links to illustrations. Much of the content is now obsolete – as are the links – but of some interest as a time capsule for the period.

CAP’S CRITS – (2008-) 40 longer pieces on artists and critical issues.

I have written criticism of Australian art for (2007-8) but since this was soon only available behind a pay wall, I stopped. I thought it would be available to all readers. Between 2011 and 2016 I contributed reviews on a range of topics or forums – art, movies, books, life etc to Sadly the site did not attract many contributors or replies. I have also published short articles in London art magazine Garageland (Nos 12 & 13) and on Abstract, a British site dedicated to criticism of abstraction as well as Hit & Miss, an e-zine on New Art (now defunct).

MELBOURNE ART SEEN – This is my new blog dedicated to local art criticism.


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May 2022