This series of 28 small drawings (lead pencil on A4) was done between 2000-4. It follows on from the Cityicity series and uses a similar approach to navigate and orientate furnished rooms. I was looking for the same mix of stylized and fictive objects and the ways these would set the space as much as inhabit it. Similarly, light and tone are treated as properties of various furniture, when the furniture is not treated as properties of various light and shade. I am Impressionist, Cubist and Surrealist by turn. And since the work exploits photographic qualities for over and under-exposure of light, I lightly cover the Pop Art base as well. The work is nothing if not accommodating, by the time we swing into the 21st century.

I didn’t get a chance to convert these into paintings once I lost my studio and commercial art business in 2000 (and the theme of rooms no doubt owes something to these circumstances). The years 2001-4 were almost entirely taken up with my doctoral studies in art history, so that by the time I got back to my own art in 2005 (still without a studio) I decided to make a clean break in themes and returned to the nude, initially planning to just use the figure against a flat or empty ground (a long tradition, currently maintained by the likes of John Currin). But in drawings this looked a bit barren or dull so I ended up recycling the interiors as settings for the nudes and commenced my first primitive steps in digital compositing… I’ll continue the story on the Privacy page.

Interior 1

Interior 2

Interior 3

Interior 4

Interior 5

Interior 6

Interior 7

Interior 8

Interior 9

Interior 10

Interior 11

Interior 12

Interior 13

Interior 14

Interior 15

Interior 16

Interior 17

Interior 18

Interior 19

Interior 20

Interior 21

Interior 22

Interior 23

Interior 24

Interior 25

Interior 26

Interior 27

Interior 28